Photo credit : Edouard Peregrine

Photo credit : Edouard Peregrine


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I'm Mari. 

I'm a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend, doula and childbirth educator. Just like you, I wear many hats on a daily basis, but as your doula I don the hat of birth companion, providing unconditional emotional, physical and informational support. 

I am there for you (and your partner) pre-birth and post-birth, as you evolve as a family. 

I am not a guru. If you're looking for someone to tell you how you should approach pregnancy and birth, than I am not your doula. However, if you're looking for someone who will respect and support your choices unconditionally, and make your desires their first priority, then you've come to the right place. 

The role of the doula.

Many people think that doulas are a new, trendy concept, but really a doula is one of the oldest roles that women have performed throughout history. Traditionally, our mothers, aunts and sisters were our doulas. Women who had "been there and done that" in childbirth. Women who would stand gently beside the soon-to-be mother supporting her as she welcomed her new life into the world.

In our modern world, though, our lives and our communities have changed. Our support network is not always available, or what we need in that moment. 

Enter the doula. 

A doula is not a substitute for a midwife or a doctor. The role of your maternal healthcare provider is vital and focused specifically on the health and safety of mother and child. A doula's role is to stand beside the mother and her partner, supporting them and helping them to transition through the birth process and into their new life as a family. 

My journey as a doula. 

I view childbirth as a normal and natural process. As the eldest of 7 children, pregnancy and childbirth has been a part of my everyday life as far back as I can remember. I witnessed my first birth at the age of 12: my mother birthing my sisters at home with the loving support and care of my father. 

My approach to birth and doula care is one of openness, flexibility and positivity.  I help to create a warm and supportive atmosphere wherever you choose to birth your baby. I work to ensure that you feel respected, heard, informed, and supported during your birth. I create the space that you need to advocate for the birth you want in collaboration with the other members of your birth team.

It is a privilege and an honor to witness the births of the families I work with, and with each family that I support, comes a new opportunity for knowledge and growth. Having trained and certified in Amsterdam with JJ Doula Training, I am committed to continued personal and professional development to ensure that I am able to support my clients with an approach tailored to their specific needs.

I would love to explore how I can help you to create the birth experience that you desire for you and your family.  Please do get in touch to schedule an obligation-free meeting with me so we can discuss your wishes and your options.