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What my clients have to say...

Mari supported me during the labor and birth of my second child. It was a long two-day induction and she flawlessly tag teamed with my husband and midwife to provide round the clock support. Her intuitive nature made it so her support, be it a massage, a sway, or a hand to hold, was always exactly what I needed in the moment. She has become an important and loved player in my daughter’s story and I’m grateful for it.
— Silvia
What blew me away about working with Mari was how intuitively she worked with us. It all fell into place. Everyone played their part: my husband, our midwife, me, and our doula. I felt so supported and relaxed. The midwife could focus on the birth, and on the baby. What’s more, I felt even more part of a team with my husband. I wasn’t desperately looking to him to know what to do next, or remember what we had learned from birth class. He could focus on being my husband, my partner, and we could be on the journey together - the pressure was off. I had Mari. It was an amazing experience.
— Alexis
Mari was a fantastic support before, during and after the birth of our son. She is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, passionate about her subject and a very warm person. Both my husband and I immediately felt in good hands with her and she became a very natural part of our “team”. Thanks to her I approached the birth feeling confident and safe. She was a great help in planning the birth as well as the postnatal period, and had lots of useful tips and advice, including things we would have never thought of (like how to feed ourselves in the hectic weeks after the birth). During the birth her collaboration with me, my husband and the midwife was very natural and effortless. It was a privilege to have had Mari be a part of my first pregnancy and our son’s birth and I’d recommend her wholeheartedly to parents-to-be looking for extra advice, support and comfort.
— Antonia
Mari being there for the birth of my son meant having a friend, coach, nurse, specialist, sister, mother and soulworker with me through one of the most important events of my life. Also for my partner it was a relief and comfort knowing there was somebody there just for us. Because of Mari we we’re prepared for the unknown. Even though it was a bumpy ride, as it nearly always is, my baby boy is healthy and happy also because of the nourishment, like scented foot massages and wonderful belly rubs that his mummy got in the last weeks before labour. A happy mummy means a happy baby, and Mari helped keep all of us happy, conscious, and well informed.
— Emily