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MUM'S the word podcast - MUM 075: Mari Gordon - What is “Normal” when it Comes to Birth?

You can hear me on the couch with with Dr. Kaz Jaffe! Dr. Kaz is an Australian born chiropractor with a chiropractic practice in Amsterdam specializing in chiropractic care for pregnancy, babies, and children; who still finds time to run in her busy schedule to host Mum's The Word, a podcast that features natural, honest and reliable resources from experts and mums.

AMSTERDAM MAMAS PODCAST - Doctors in Dr. Martens: Show Notes (Season2: Episode 10)

Conversations about healthcare in the Netherlands - In this episode, we discuss healthcare and giving birth in the Netherlands. Jolanda de Bie, a healthcare researcher, talks about three important aspects of Dutch healthcare: medical insurance, GP’s, and cultural expectations. Mari Gordon, a certified doula, goes over some common myths and misconceptions about giving birth in the Netherlands. We also hear from Amsterdam Mama Barbara Fine, about a surprising house visit.

What is a Doula and How Can You Find One?

A helpful little info article that I co-authored for the Amsterdam Mama's website, with my instructor, mentor, colleague and friend Jennifer Walker of Birth Support.nl